Genuary 2024

Creative Coding Marathon

In late 2023 I began to dive deep into the realtime software VVVV and the extension FUSE.

When I read the announcement for Genuary 2024 it was clear to me, that this was the perfect training-opportunity.
For each day of January, there was a "prompt" from which one had to come up with an idea for a generative piece.

VVVV is a visual, node-based programming environment based on C# and HLSL for graphics, animation, sound and all kinds of other things and I let myself be drawn in many different directions to maximise my learning experience.
It was exhausting but awesome! :-)

Here are some of the highlights, each done in one day:

Genuary 8: "Chaotic System" (77MB):

Genuary 15: "Use a physics library" (45MB):

Genuary 16: "Draw 10 000 of something" (76MB):

Genuary 17: "Inspired by Islamic art" (60MB):

Genuary 18: "Bauhaus" (83MB):

Genuary 19: "Flocking" (73MB):

Genuary 21: "Use a library that you haven’t used before" (100MB) - I chose "Media Pipe" for interactive particle drawing via a webcam:

Genuary 26: "Grow a seed" (99MB):

Genuary 32: "Game Over" (40MB) Our own little joke... ;-):

The complete playlist for all 32 days is available on YouTube.
Please be aware that following this link you are leaving my website and will be subject to the rules and privacy agreements of YouTube/Google:
My Genuary 2024 Animations


Genuary 31: Generative Audio